Healthy Snacks

When we are faced with having to change our diets, we often jump to conclusions and assume that all of our snacking habits have to die immediately. While many snacks are unhealthy and dangerous to our lifestyle, there are many more that should be encouraged.

So, what types of snacks should you make part of your routine? There are a wide variety! No matter the snack, however, make sure to check your portions and eating schedule.

Here are three types of healthy snacks:

1) Fruits
Fruits and veggies are more than simply healthy snacks, they’re actually a much needed part of our daily diets. So many vitamins and nutrients come from fruits and veggies that taking a moment and snacking is a great decision.

2) Almonds
Almonds are very low in negative takeaways, and they can leave you fuller much longer than other types of nuts. So grab a handful of almonds - they come guilt free!

3) Popcorn
Since it is high in fiber and low in fat, this snack goes a long way towards a healthy day. However, make sure to check the popcorn before you make it, microwave popcorn heavy in butter may not be the same as homemade popcorn.

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