Run Away From Bad Health

Sure, everyone knows that it’s healthy to run. No matter who you are, no matter what culture you are raised in, running is universally seen as an act of health and a way to get in better shape. However, most people never consider what it is that makes running so good for you.

So, why is it that we as humans are conditioned to have positive responses to running? What exactly are the benefits of running that leave us coming back to the exercise time and time again? Well, we’re here to teach you a thing or two about the health benefits of running.

Here are three ways that running is great for your body:

1) Prevent Disease
Doctors often recommend running for people who have pre-diabetes, osteoporosis, or high blood pressure, and it has been proven to help reduce the risk of breast cancer and strokes in women who regularly indulge in the exercise.

2) Boost Confidence
In addition to concrete health benefits, running can actually boost your confidence. Not only are you likely to lose weight and get in better shape by running, the very process of setting and achieving goals can help bring you closer to confidence.

3) Fight Depression
In study after study, it’s been proven that running is one of the very best natural ways to fight against many forms of depression. When we run, natural hormones are released that fight depression and improve our mood.