Why Walk?

There are countless ways to get healthy, but one incredible way to do so doesn’t even require a gym membership!

Now, you may ask, what exercise could not require a gym membership but still be a healthy way to get into better shape? Here’s a hint—it’s not running, swimming or biking; in fact, it’s something much easier than any of those three. We’re talking about walking!

Here are three reasons you should walk:

1) Ease

No gym needed, and walking is often a very convenient way to travel from place to place. Are you going to lunch from the office? Walk! Heading to a friend’s house in the neighborhood? Walk! Want to listen to some new music? Do it while taking a lap.

2) Heart

A healthy heart makes for a healthy person, and one way to achieve a healthier heart is by walking. Not only does this lower your chance for heart disease and heart attack, it also improves blood flow—a win-win!

3) Cancer

If you want to lower the chances that you may get colon or breast cancer, take a walk. Studies show that increased walking means decreased odds for acquiring the disease.

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