Do I Have Strep Throat or COVID-19?

Cold and flu season is here to stay for a while once more, and we are all doing what we can to avoid getting sick. Getting proper sleep, eating well and taking care of our bodies can go a long way to helping us avoid infection. However, certain illnesses can still find their way into our systems even if we do everything right.

This is certainly true with stubborn infections like the flu, strep throat and COVID-19, and they can all share similar symptoms.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Cleveland can help determine what illness you have, and we can provide you with a reliable treatment plan to help you feel better faster.

Are Strep Throat, the Flu and COVID-19 the Same?

All three illnesses are infections, but they are not the same illness. Strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection, while COVID-19 and the flu are caused by two different viruses. You can get sick with any of these infections by interacting with someone who is sick or by being coughed or sneezed on. You are also at risk if you don’t wash your hands after touching an infected surface.

While they are different illnesses, your body’s immune system can launch a similar response to these illnesses in the beginning. A fever, body aches, a headache and a sore throat are all possibilities. This is why we recommend that you come see us for a rapid test if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Common Rapid Tests at AFC

  • COVID-19
  • Influenza
  • Strep throat

What Are the Treatment Options for an Infection?

Knowing exactly what is making you sick can help us find the right treatment plan for you. Certain illnesses like strep throat require proper treatment in order to overcome them, so the faster you can get to us, the better. Strep throat is bacterial, so a round of antibiotics can usually clear up a strep throat infection quickly. Strep throat symptoms include pain while swallowing, swollen tonsils or lymph nodes, and white patches on the back of the throat.

COVID-19 and the flu are a bit trickier to decipher as they can appear with the same symptoms. COVID-19 symptoms tend to linger longer than the flu, but don’t wait until you have felt sick for a week before coming in! Antiviral drug treatments are available for both illnesses and can help you feel better faster, but only if you start taking them at the start of your symptoms.

Symptoms of Both COVID-19 and the Flu

  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Fever

Need help determining what is making you sick? Stop by AFC Urgent Care Cleveland for a rapid test.