There are countless ways to get healthy, but one incredible way to do so doesn’t even require a gym membership! Now, you may ask, what exercise could not require a gym membership but still be a healthy way to get into better shape? Here’s a hint—it’s not running, swimming or biking; in fact, it’s something much easier than any of those three. We’re talking about walking! Here are three reasons you should walk: 1) Ease No gym needed, and walking is often a very convenient way to travel from place to place. Read on →

When we are faced with having to change our diets, we often jump to conclusions and assume that all of our snacking habits have to die immediately. While many snacks are unhealthy and dangerous to our lifestyle, there are many more that should be encouraged. So, what types of snacks should you make part of your routine? There are a wide variety! No matter the snack, however, make sure to check your portions and eating schedule. Read on →

Exercise comes with an incredibly large pool of benefits, such as prolonged life, disease prevention, and weight control, but that doesn’t mean that the idea of breaking a sweat and sacrificing time out of your day is always appealing. So, what do you do if you’ve decided to live a healthy lifestyle, but you have a spouse who is, shall we say, reluctant? How can you convince your loved one to get on board with your idea and join you on the journey to fitness? Read on →

Some things are a staple of childhood: The first time you hit a home run in your little league game, the smell of a new book when you flip through the pages, the laughter of friends at a sleepover; unfortunately, it seems that broken bones are also something that many children run across in their lives. So, if your child has broken their bone, what is the next step? Sure, you should bring them into your local AFC for treatment, but what steps can you take at home to aid them in the meantime ? Read on →

Sure, everyone knows that it’s healthy to run. No matter who you are, no matter what culture you are raised in, running is universally seen as an act of health and a way to get in better shape. However, most people never consider what it is that makes running so good for you. So, why is it that we as humans are conditioned to have positive responses to running? What exactly are the benefits of running that leave us coming back to the exercise time and time again? Read on →

So often in America, we are all focused on the next diet craze and the overnight way to achieve the perfect body, even if we are focused on it for all the wrong reasons. However, some elements of that pursuit, when done for the right reasons, are very advantageous in their own right. One of these practices is cutting calories. Although we tend to think of calories as part of a diet, and counting calories as the math required to weigh in at our desired weight, cutting calories actually comes with a plethora of additional health benefits. Read on →

So often, we focus on getting healthy only after a problem arises. When we become overweight, we quickly go on a diet and try to resolve the issue. When we learn we have diabetes, we make sure to take the proper steps to counteract it. When we sprain an ankle, we tape it up and rest. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine. The best way to fix your health issues is to never have them in the first place. Read on →

If you’re anything like most Americans, you constantly are planning on working out, but never quite find the time in your day to actually exercise properly. So often dreams of weight loss and six packs are replaced with the reality of working late at the office and putting your kids to bed at a proper time. So, how exactly can you get the exercise in your routine that you’ve been craving while making sure that the other tasks in your day are still completed? Read on →