The team at AFC Urgent Care Cleveland doesn’t want you to think that the fun has to end just because the summer is quickly coming to an end—especially when it comes to your health! Finding joy in the little things can help ease your stress and let you enjoy life a bit more. Schedule Some Fun in Every Day As adults, it seems our ability to just have fun falls to the side as we tend to concentrate more our daily to-do list. Read on →

The team at AFC Urgent Care Cleveland wants to know where you are with your resolutions to become healthier in 2017. Are you at a standstill? Find out how you can overcome the obstacles and succeed in your health goals this year. It’s not too late—you still have time! Finding Success & a Healthier You First, you need to create and maintain a healthy mindset. It can be so easy to think negatively. Read on →

If summer vacation is a necessity in your life, our team at AFC Urgent Care Cleveland totally understands! But because we have your health on our minds, we want to make sure you’re eating healthy while you travel. So are you eating healthy, or are you breaking all the rules? Our first guess would be that you are breaking all the rules. But you don’t have to. There are ways to take your healthy eating habits on the road with you this summer. Read on →