One day you’re enjoying some fun in the sun, taking advantage of all that Cleveland has to offer over the summer. The next day, you’re down and out with a sore throat. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help ease symptoms and recover from a sore throat sooner rather than later. What Is a Sore Throat? The medical term for sore throat is “pharyngitis.” Depending on its cause, a sore throat can range from scratchy and annoying to severe and extremely painful. Read on →

If you head out in Cleveland, chances are that you are going to hear someone coughing. Or, you might be the person coughing. As annoying as a cough can be all on its own, it can sometimes also come with various other symptoms. Would you know when to seek medical attention for your cough? Why Am I Coughing? A cough is a reflex reaction when something gets in your airway, such as mucus or a foreign particle like smoke, pollen or dust. Read on →

Sinus infections are typically caused by common colds that are left untreated, and are very common in Cleveland, TN this time of year. Once a sinus infection is developed, it typically takes between seven and 14 days for a person to recover after treatment. Diagnosing and treating a sinus infection quickly is key to making sure it does not develop into a more serious condition. What Are the Common Symptoms of a Sinus Infection? Read on →